Monday, 28 February 2011

Holidays? Britain, Abroad. Fly, Drive?

So many things to consider when planning your holidays this year. 

We have just finished planning our family holidays this year. The way the climate is going it just seems that a break anywhere away from the hum drum of home is great. Something cheap and cheery and good value for money. New sites have just been set up to help us compare holiday prices with all companies at the same time.

I had a go at these sites and yes it’s easy to do and yes you can compare prices but no it is not the best value for money. I have found a company called LOW COST HOLIDAYS  which on every check I did for any holiday and all different times of the year. This one was always a good couple of hundred pounds cheaper. Amazing that by going to their own site and not a compare site made it even cheaper. They offer even more discount if you get parking, transfers and insurance with them. Better still if you do it all via Quidco you will get another discount also depending on what the offer is. The only down side I would say is that the deposits are usually about half the amount of the holiday to be paid up front. Other than that a great way to save money on your abroad holiday this year.

Another option for holiday would be Britain. A holiday park with either shallots or statics or take along your own caravan. Brilliant for kids as nearly all of them have fab kids clubs and entertainment. So many of them are offering discounts at the moment. One I would definitely recommend would be Park Dean Resorts. You also can collect the vouchers in the Sun for their famous £9.50 holidays. You can go all over Europe with them also. Yes ok it isn’t really £9.50 and there are always extra charges but for an example a holiday for 4 in a Haven site with everything included bedding, passes, entertainment will cost us £58.00 for 4 nights.

We definitely couldn’t do 4 day trips with our kids for that much! The entertainment is all there, kids clubs and swimming pool and other sports so all you will need is a bit of pocket money. Not only would you have a great time, save money but you would also be supporting the British tourism industry which is second to none. The only two downfalls I can find is the time it takes to collect vouchers and the weather.

Remember every penny counts, you can only ever spend it once so why spend too much?
Cheers Mrs G x

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